Wearable e-Textile for Wireless Health Monitoring

This NSERC supported project looks into development of soft epidermal and wearable electronics based on nanofiber technology for comfortable and objective wireless health monitoring. The project focuses on development of novel materials and manufacturing methods that enables comfortable, yet accurate health monitoring, with potential for clinical impact.

The project is based on exceptional performance of nanofiber sensors displaying strain and deformation sensing with a gauge factor in excess of 60 using benign and easy to use materials. The objective is to develop variety of sensors embedded seemlessly into fabric that can be easily attached or worn on skin. Preliminary results for pulse rate and waveform monitoring, musculoskeletal movements and deformations, and sensing skin has been demonstrated.

PI: Peyman Servati

Co-PIs: Frank Ko (Materials Eng.), Z. Jane Wang (Elecrical Eng.), Victor Leung (Electrical Eng.)

Collaborators: Kendall Ho (UBC eHealth Strategy Office, Medicine), Martin McKeown (Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre, Medicine)

Industry collaborators: RefleX Wireless Inc., Western Clinical Engineering Ltd., New Efficient Ways Inc.



Lead Research Scientist: Amir Servati, MD, PhD

Amir is a post-doctoral fellow with Mat. Eng. department of UBC. He is a medical doctor as well as PhD in nanomaterials and in this project work with medical doctors and engineers to develop novel wearable electronic systems.

Research Associate: Saeid Soltanian, PhD

Saeid works on the development of nanofiber based sensor technology and its manufacturing. He is an expert in nanomaterial synthesis and development.

Rubaiya Rahman, PhD candidate

Rubaiya is a doctoral student focusing on devekopment of mathematical models for the nanofiber based strain sensors and investigates the correlation between nanofiber density and material composition and the performance of the sensors.

Liang Liang, PhD student

Liang is working with Prof. Z. Jane Wang for the development of signal processing methods that are necessary for recognition of medically important parameters from measured signals.

Xun Chen, PhD student

Chinmaya Mahapatra, PhD student

Chinmaya works on the development of low power wireless communciation methods for transfer of data from sensor nodes to data analysis unit.