Group picture (left to right): Rubaiya Rahman, Joel Mertens, Shabnam Shambayati, Rowshan Rahmanian, Peyman Servati, Nima Mohseni Kiasari, Derek Lin, Guillaume Louis, Heejae Yang, and Justin Ritchie


  • Peyman Servati, Principal Investigator

    Email: peymans[at]ece[dot]ubc[dot]ca, Tel: +1-604-827-4269, Skype: pservati,
    Office: Kaiser 4042 


  • Saeid Soltanian, Research Associate
  • Amir Servati, Post Doctoral Fellow

    Current Graduate Students: 

  • Peter Alexander Haddad, PhD student
  • Zenan Jiang, PhD candidate
  • Parham Pashaei, PhD student
  • Mostafa Masnadi Shirazi, PhD candidate
  • Rowshan Rahmanian, PhD candidate
  • Joel Mertens, MASc student
  • Yan Wang, MASc student
  • Yang Zhou, MASc student

    Past Members and Alumni: 

  • Rubaiya Rahman.
  • PhD, 2015, Thesis: Computationally efficient modeling and analysis of conductivity and sensitivity of CNT/polymer composites
  • Nima Mohseni Kiasari, PMC-Sierra Inc.
  • PhD, 2014, Thesis: ZnO nanostructures for sensing and photovoltaic devices
  • Bobak Gholamkhass, Chemical Advisor, CCED
  • Derek Yun Tsung Lin, Hermes Microvision Inc.
  • MASc, 2013, Thesis: Integrating graphene and nanofibers with silicon to form Schottky junction solar cells
  • William Justin Ritchie, PhD student, UBC Sustainability
  • MASc, 2013, Thesis: Electrospun carbon model system for a nanofiber transparent conductor
  • Jun Shen, Professor at Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Science, Chongqing, China
  • Shabnam Shambayati, Schneider Electric
  • MASc, 2011, Thesis: Degradation of P3HT:PCBM-based conjugated polymer solar cells
  • Elham Beheshti Zavareh, PhD student, Northwestern University
  • MASc, 2010, Thesis: Calcium-decorated boron-doped graphene for high-capacity hydrogen storage
  • Xiaodan Xu, Thales Canada
  • MASc, 2009, Thesis: Facet-dependent electronic properties of silicon nanowires
  • Soheil Ebadian, PMC-Sierra Inc.
  • MASc, 2009, Thesis: Design and fabrication of polythiophene-based organic photovoltaic devices on glass and plastic substrate